Caffeine Free February: Day 1 (recap)

Credit: Lali Masriera (flicker)

Credit: Lali Masriera (flicker)

Day One of Caffeine free.. From averaging 16 mugs of coffee + chocolate and tea to Zero per day (approx 15 times the recommended maximum).. Caffeine withdrawal is a bitch!! This hurts!

Had mad headaches all day along with palpitations and nausea.. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better!!

Only 28 days to go!!

To recap for those who don’t know, I am a serious Caffeine addict, I have regularly been consuming ~16 mugs of coffee/day, plus chocolate, coffee beans and tea, since I was about 15 years old.

As part of my mid-life crisis, I am undertaking a number of challenges every other month for as long as it interests me.  Back in October 2014 I went totally meat-free, no meat, no fish (dairy was allowed though).  This proved a fascinating journey, none of that “fake-meat” crap was used (the like of Linda McCartney and Quorn etc – bleurgh!), everything was freshly made – even my takeaways as I am lucky enough to have the most impressive Bib-Gourmand Vegetarian Indian restaurant within 3 minutes walk of my house. 😀

I am quite fortunate that I gave up fizzy soda drinks and especially Coca-Cola and Pepsi years ago anyway.


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