Caffeine Free February: Day 5 – It’s SO much better now!

Day 5 Caffeine Free..

k22140666Well, it looks like I’m over the hump and through the major issues with withdrawal.. The Liver and Kidneys seem A LOT happier today too.. Had a belting nights sleep last night, unlike anything I’ve had in years! It was also alcohol free as On Call. Woke up this morning feeling light and bouncy, concentration seems to be well up and I actually seem to have more energy and less stress head, my veins have also settled down after being quite prominent the last couple of days. 

Tried that new (to me) Fake Coffee yesterday, it’s made out of Barley that is roasted and ground, a method dating back to Italian peasants in the 17th Century who couldn’t afford real coffee, you make it in the same way as you would normal filter coffee, espresso etc. Different, and actually quite tasty, but you do know it’s not Coffee, might be keeping some of that in the cupboard once the challenge is over as a casual hot drink fix on a night.

Interesting brew this morning, which is very tasty and different, Aniseed, Fennel and Liquorice Caffeine Free Tea. Very warming on a chilly day.

Now sat in the office with a big mug of Rooibos Red Tea (the Tick tock brand is awful, but Redbush is quite tasty).

25 days to go!

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