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Free Online Training Course

Consider how the food we grow, buy, eat and throw away relates to the global issue of food security, with this free online course.

This course is aimed at anyone with an interest in food, food security and food waste; farming and agriculture; or sustainability. You don’t need any previous experience or qualifications to join it.”

I’ve been following FutureLearn for around a year now, it is a website that offers comprehensive free online training courses in conjuction with leading UK Universities and invited experts in the field chosen.  One of the things I love about FutureLearn is that they don’t just cover the usual, home user, topics such as Using Excel and so on.  They cover a widely diverse range of interesting topics including a large spectrum of Environmental, Political and Food based topics.

This time around I’ve signed up to the six week course, three hours per week roughly, on “Our Hungry Planet: Agriculture, People and Food Security” by the University of Reading.

The course is entirely based on-line so you can access it at any time you have an Internet connection, from your mobile phone, in your lunch break at work and so on.  It is broken up into nicely manageable small segments which you mark as complete as you work through it.  There isn’t much in the way of actual coursework, but there a few on-line quizzes and so on, plus the opportunity to discuss, comment and interact with other delegates using threaded comments sections.

The amazingly diverse array of delegates shows just how respected these types of courses are too.  I have been involved in discussions with UN Aid Workers, actual farmers on the “front line” in Zimbabwe, Uganda, South America, employees of Food Distribution and Production corporations, activists as well ordinary Joe Bloggs like me from all over the world, sharing ideas, exchanging opinions and talking through the course as we go along.  Very eye opening and inspiring.

If you haven’t taken an online course before, the FutureLearn courses are easy to follow, designed to be taken in small chunks and you can work through it entirely at your own pace.  For a small fee there are even recognised certificates available on completion.

Why not come and try a course or two out and join in what, for me, is a truly satisfying extra learning experience.

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