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Who is Mic?  Well that’s a question and a half..  I’m not even sure I know!  Let’s see now..

I live in a small village (well, it’s rapidly becoming a suburb) nestled on the foothills of the Pennines between Bradford and Leeds in West Yorkshire, England.

I’ve just turned the ripe old age of 40 (yes, I am officially a forty-something now!!), I’m long term single, live on my own and that’s pretty much it.  Really glad I don’t go on Dating Sites, I’d be shockingly bad at it!

I live in a rented three bedroom house (well, two and an office), I don’t drive, I only got my first proper passport two years ago (and still haven’t used it?!).. I work as a Software Developer for a national IT Services company mainly landed with developing and supporting Microsoft SharePoint (they won’t let get involved in much else these days as I might make it work and improve it!).


I have a crazy keen amateur interest in food. No, I’m not a talented gourmet chef, I don’t have anything much in the way of posh gear and I can’t really justify buying top end, speciality, ingredients.  I am a simple home cook, who likes to experiment – a lot!!

I love the Food Truck scene and small independent caterers, I cannot stand the big “chains” and you will NEVER find me frequenting the likes of CrapDonalds, BuggerKing, Blandos or places like that!  They really do not appeal to me (and you’ll see why as this Blog develops).  I love interesting, varied food, made with love, care and attention.  I love those that push the boundaries and produce things which open my mind as well as fill my gut.

Over the last couple of years I have embarked on a journey (cliche phrase alert) to try and actually understand the food I eat, or don’t eat and why.  I want to learn about where food actually comes from, what it takes to produce it and the effect it has on our bodies, society and the planet.


I LOVE Real Ale, possibly a bit too much.  Craft Ales, Real Ciders and even the odd Craft Lager mainly.  There is something of an adventure in these lovingly crafted beverages that just blows all those big name corporate slops out the window.  Each beer is unique, not just in the actual product, using different hops etc, but in each batch.  Every time it’s brewed, it will take on a slightly different twist on the core product.  You will never find me chugging away on a mainstream “Lager”, full of chemical by-products, each one cloned from some “secret” recipe that probably never sees the likes of natural products from beginning to end.  I am also a bit of a “Wino”, tippling away on a good bottle of red or white quite regularly.


Well,  this is all a new one to me, or so I thought.  I never saw myself as “political”, but in all honesty there is no way on the planet that I can’t be.  Again the last couple of years have seen me evolve my thinking, partly through food and learning about it.  I am now very politically minded, not in the way some brain washed zombie who can only ever vote Tory or Labour because they once found a small scrap of honesty in something one of them spewed out in a campaign 30 years ago.  No, I am a-political, an agnostic.  I actually firmly believe that our entire government with all its parties and ritual baton passing has become a corrupt, deluded and quite moronic state of affairs.  I have yet to find anyone worthy of my vote (and not likely to when I have the likes of Ed Balls as a local MP), but these days I will not sit idly by and not vote – it’s my duty to make it as difficult as possible for “The Big Three” (or even worse UKIP) to get their paws on MY country.

There will be a number of blog posts coming up with my exact views, and I hope you will challenge me on them!  The more we talk, discuss, debate and even argue about it the better everybody will be at understanding what a joke our political system has become!

So in a nutshell, that’s me!  A crazy, mixed up forty-something, balancing on the knife-edge of society, trying to find out exactly what the hell is going on in, not just my life but, this wonderfully (and horrifyingly) bizarre world we live in!


2 thoughts on “Introducing.. Mic

  1. Lisa Barker on

    Well hello!!!! I shall be keeping a check on here! Glad ya kidneys and liver are better,!! If I quit drinking I think mine would shrivel and die!!! But that’s the old booze not caffeine! Ha!

  2. Liz Smith on

    Wow, what an intro! Well, here goes me: I’m 38 (though I can never remember and always have to count on from 76 to work it out). I’m married with 3 children, live in Norfolk and have a passion for walking, cycling and doing my home up in blue and white beach style using second hand, upcycled or homemade items. I can usually be found knee deep in one of our many local charity shops, or scouring eBay hot second hand bargains. I rarely pay full price or buy anything new and am proud if it. My thing is teaching my children to do the same and not be swayed by the crowd.

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