About BrainFodder


What on earth is BrainFodder?  Well, simply put, it’s food, for the brain.  Whether that food is physical, as in yummy tasty stuff you throw down your throat to keep from dying, or food that is mental, that keeps your brain occupied, churning and invigourated!

Our tag line puts it pretty succinctly I think, “Eat, Think, Live”… We all know we have to eat to survive, but we also have to think, share, communicate to actually live!  The old saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” is something I’ve taken pretty much to heart over the last couple of years.

Our world today is full to overflowing with information, we have access to more food than we could ever need (despite the biased government and food industry reports).  Also, a recently published news article suggests that today in 2015 our brains are processing 80x (EIGHTY times) the amount of information every day than we did back in the 1980’s!!

BrainFodder, is a melting pot of ideas and thoughts about what is racing through the minds of a collection of like-minded (and sometimes not so like-minded) people, from all walks of life and interests.  What you will find here is what interests us, whether it be Food, Arts & Literature, DIY, Crafts, Science, Politics, Culture, Society, Climate along with more general things that grab our attention as we muddle through this information overload.  There will also, no doubt, be a LOT on food topics, as we are all mad “foodies” to one degree or other.

Join In!!

We also want you to join in, become part of our community, talk to us, challenge us, share with us your thoughts, ideas and experiences!

So let the adventure begin!!

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